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Christine Loew

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Basic Side Mount Full Cave Instructor


Basic Side Mount Open Water Instructor, Advanced Side Mount Open Water Instructor, Basic Side Mount Cavern Instructor, Basic Side Mount Intro to Cave Instructor, Basic Side Mount Full Cave Instructor


Razor Basic Cave Sidemount Instructor No. 10
TDI Cave, Sidemount, Cave Sidemount, Intro-to-Tech, Nitrox, Instructor in active, renewed teaching status, No 14584
PADI IDC Staff Instructor in renewed in active teaching status, No 944801
DAN O2 Instructor in non-teaching status, No. 12367
EFR Instructor in teaching status, No. 944801

I have close to 6000 dives all over the world in various conditions; thereof now more than 1400 full cave dives and 1500+ for guided cavern tours.

I am fluent of course in German but I am also able to teach courses in English and Spanish. I am able to give easy dive briefings additionally in French and Italian.

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